Personal data management


Within Siggesta Gård AB (org. nr. 556245-4941) we process Personal Data of users and customers who use our services. We protect your privacy and comply at all times with applicable laws designed to protect you as a private individual.

Siggesta Gård AB is the controller of personal data with regard to the services. “Personal Data” means any information that can be directly or indirectly linked to a natural person living today.

We strive to maintain a high level of protection for personal privacy. Siggesta Gård AB uses Personal Data primarily to administer, provide, develop and maintain the Services, process your bookings, optimize your experience of the Services and individualize communication with you. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully to understand how and for what purposes we process your Personal Data. By providing us with your Personal Data and agreeing to the applicable terms, you agree that your Personal Data will be processed in accordance with the specific terms and conditions of each service and this Privacy Policy. If the law requires a more specific consent from you, we will of course ask for one.

This Privacy Policy, together with Siggesta Gård's Booking Conditions and any other terms governing Siggesta Gård's processing of Personal Data from time to time, are hereby referred to as the “Privacy Terms”. The Privacy Policy sets out the basis for how we process Personal Data that you provide to us when you use the Services or that we collect about you. For some of our services, there are also special conditions for the processing of Personal Data that you agree to when using the respective service.

Changes to this Privacy Policy will be announced by posting the new terms and conditions on Siggesta Gård's website and we therefore recommend that you check them regularly. If you add Personal Data about other persons, you are responsible for ensuring that Siggesta Gård may also process that Personal Data in accordance with the applicable Privacy Policy.

1. Collection and Processing of Personal Data

Siggesta Gård AB collects and processes your Personal Data only if permitted by law. Collection and processing may take place when you use the Services, such as making a booking or during and after your stay. We use various methods to collect Personal Data such as cookies, web beacons, customer surveys and member services. On various occasions, Siggesta Gård AB collaborates or imports Personal Data from databases inside and outside Siggesta Gård AB (e.g. from Facebook or Google). For the analysis of Siggesta Gård's website, Siggesta Gård AB uses Google Analytics. Read more about Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. It is important for Siggesta Gård AB to always keep your Personal Data up to date and accurate, which is why we may import Personal Data from you from external sources such as public registers. Where it is required by law that consent is obtained for the processing of certain types of Personal Data or for certain forms of processing, consent will be obtained from you before processing takes place.BidTheatre AB, nyttjar kakor och samlar in data on din surfaktivitet på denna webbplats. Dessa data kan användas för analysändamål och i syfte att rikta personligt anpassade annonser åt dig på tredje parts webbplatser. BidTheatre AB Privacy Policy.

Det är viktigt för Siggesta Gård AB att alltid hålla dina Personuppgifter uppdaterade och korrekta, varför vi kan komma att importera Personuppgifter från dig från externa källor såsom offentliga register. När det enligt lag krävs att samtycke inhämtas för behandling av vissa slags Personuppgifter eller för vissa former av behandling, så kommer samtycke inhämtas från dig innan behandling sker.

2. Information from and about you that we collect and process

We only collect Personal Data that is relevant for the purpose described in the specific terms and conditions of each Service and this Privacy Policy. The information that may be collected include, for example, name, address, telephone number, email address, IP address, data to facilitate the use of the Services (such as login), default language, user history, membership information, information about your travel companions, booking preferences, payments, employment, emergency contacts, special diet requirements, disability adjustment requirements and other information you provide when using The services. Examples of Personal Data from companies outside Siggesta Gård AB include updated address information and demographic information.

3. Purposes for which we process your Personal Data

Siggesta Gård AB collects Personal Data for various purposes. What Personal Data is collected and how it is collected depends on the Services you use. Siggesta Gård AB uses Personal Data to:

  1. Administer, provide, develop and maintain the Services.
  2. Process your bookings and orders for the Services.
  3. Contact you via e.g. SMS, other mobile applications or email or to notify you of your booking status or information relating to your booking before, during and after your stay.
  4. Diagnose errors, optimize technology and be able to contact you in the event of problems with a booking or the performance of the Services.
  5. Analyze and improve the quality and experience of the Services, such as verifying that your user account is not being used by others.
  6. Individualize communication with you regarding our Services, for example by creating a profile for you and sending offers that fit your profile as a user of our Services.
  7. Analyze statistics and user behavior regarding our Services.
  8. Increase your use and experience of our Services in other ways we think you would appreciate.
  9. Promote services and products, directly or not, including behavioral marketing.

You have the right at any time and without charge to request that Siggesta Gård AB does not process your Personal Data for marketing purposes or withdraw your consent to this. You can exercise this right by contacting Siggesta Gård AB at the address specified in paragraph 10.

4th. Where we store and transfer your Personal Data

Siggesta Gård AB stores Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable legislation. Siggesta Gård AB uses subcontractors e.g. for computer operation and Personal Data may therefore be transferred to these subcontractors. Our subcontractors process your Personal Data only on behalf of Siggesta Gård AB, in accordance with our instructions and only after they have signed a data processing agreement in accordance with applicable law, in order for us to ensure a high level of protection of your Personal Data.

Siggesta Gård AB may disclose Personal Data to third parties, such as police or other authorities, if it concerns the investigation of a crime or if Siggesta Gård AB is otherwise obliged to disclose such information based on law or authority decision.

As a rule, Siggesta Gård AB does not transfer Personal Data to countries outside the EU/EEA, but if, for example, we have a subcontractor in a country outside the EU/EEA or it is necessary for us to perform our contractual obligations towards you, the transfer of Personal Data outside the EU/EEA may take place even if that country, according to the European Commission, does not have adequate protection for Personal Data. In order to ensure a high level of protection for your Personal Data in such situations and compliance with EU/EEA regulations, Siggesta Gård AB enters into data processing agreements with such subcontractors. Such data processing agreements govern the processing of the Personal Data by subcontractors and, where applicable, the transfer of Personal Data in accordance with the applicable EU/EEA rules on the protection of Personal Data. The agreements contain conditions required by the European Commission that meet the requirements imposed by applicable law to protect the personal data transferred.

5. Protection and thinning of Personal Data

Siggesta Gård AB has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your Personal Data against, for example, loss, manipulation or unauthorized access. We continuously adapt our security measures to the continuous technological development. Siggesta Gård AB removes Personal Data in accordance with applicable law at any time. This means, for example, that Siggesta Gård deletes or de-identifies Personal Data when the purpose for processing the Personal Data no longer exists. The purpose of our processing of your Personal Data is stated in paragraph 3 above and the Privacy Policy.

6. Other applications/web pages

The Services may contain links to other applications and/or web pages that are not controlled by Siggesta Gård AB. This Privacy Policy applies only to your use of the Services. Siggesta Gård AB is not responsible for the content of linked applications/web pages and the processing of Personal Data that may be done by the owners or operators of linked websites.

7. Change, delete and review your Personal Data

Siggesta Gård AB ensures that all functions within Siggesta Gård receive clear guidelines for the processing of Personal Data and define the purposes for which Siggesta Gård AB shall use Personal Data. If your Personal Data changes, please inform Siggesta Gård AB about this by sending a message to the address stated in paragraph 10. Siggesta Gård AB is not responsible for problems that arise as a result of Personal Data being old or incorrect if you have failed to inform us of the change.

Siggesta Gård AB will, at your request or when Siggesta Gård AB discovers it, correct or delete incorrect or incomplete information. You also have the right to receive, free of charge, an extract showing which Personal Data about you is being processed. The request for extracts must be made in writing to Siggesta Gård AB to the address specified in paragraph 10 and must be personally signed by you and include information about your name, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address (used in communication with Siggesta Gård AB)

The extract will be sent to your population register address within one month from the date of receipt of the application to Siggesta Gård. How often you are entitled to receive an extract may vary depending on where you reside.

You can withdraw your consent to further processing (not retroactively) of your Personal Data at any time by contacting Siggesta Gård AB at the address stated in paragraph 10, whereupon Siggesta Gård will prevent such information from continuing to be processed.

8. Cookies

Siggesta Gård AB uses cookies on its digital services.

9. Assignment

If we sell, reorganize or otherwise transfer all or part of our business, your Personal Data may be transferred at the same time.

10. Contact

If you have questions, comments or complaints regarding Siggesta Gård's processing of Personal Data and compliance with the Privacy Policy or applicable law regarding the protection of Personal Data, please send a letter to Siggesta Gård AB, Att Huvudkontor Siggesta Gård, 139 90 Värmdö.


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