Sustainable environment, sustainable meetings & sustainable lifestyle

At Siggesta Gård, the environment and sustainability are the focus. We work with clear objectives to be a sustainable workplace and a sustainable visitor destination.

sustainable lifestyle

We create the conditions for an active conference or an active full day with the family at Siggesta Gård when you let both heart and brain be involved for the best possible well-being.

Memory and learning ability are improved

New brain cells are formed in the gyrus dentatus, a part of the area that is important for memory and learning.

Focus and simultaneous skills are getting better

The ability to concentrate and simultaneously improve, among other things, through the secretion of the hormone norepinephrine — which increases alertness and attention, and blood circulation in the brain improves.

Your judgment is improved

Physical exercise helps us make better decisions, by strengthening the connections between the areas of the brain prefrontal cortex (amygdala) and the amygdala (emotion centers). This allows the prefrontal cortex to choose to a greater extent which of our impulsive thoughts we are—or do not—translate into action.

Your creativity increases

Improves your creativity, which could be explained by increased blood circulation in the brain.


Siggesta Kitchen Garden is a sustainability project but also an integration project. We grow about 1500 m2 of vegetables in our vegetable garden. For Värmdö Bryggeri, we grow hops, which have resulted in our own beer “Alpacka”. To help us, we have hired Bereket with experience in organic farming from his native Eritrea. Through them we have learned a lot about organic farming and how to sense the sun, smell the soil and use techniques that are forgotten in our agriculture. We hope for effects such as:

Reducing environmental impact through organic farming

Through a cultivation system that does not use artificial fertilizers or chemical control. We will reduce the total energy and water consumption by expanding the vegetarian supply. Reducing the environmental impact via food by eating more vegetarian food can be a way to reduce its environmental impact. If we were to consume the energy from the plants directly instead of these first going through an animal that we are going to eat, it would consume less cultivation area. Energy consumption and water consumption are much higher for producing a kilogram of meat than for a kilogram of wheat.

Reduction of transport emissions

transport between the place of production and the point of sale is reduced, which is a major environmental concern. We expect to reduce transport emissions by about 700 miles less in transport between supplier and Siggesta Gård during the period May - September.

locally produced

Siggesta Gård cooperates with Taste of Värmdö and in our Deli store there is a lot from our producers on the island. In our standing range, we always have the locally produced as the first option.

sustainable organizations

Spending so much of our time at work means that our work climate influences a lot how we feel which in turn on seeming choices we make. Thinking long-term and sustainable when it comes to leadership and organizational structure is as obvious as any other sustainability.

The Swan & the Shrinkage

The Swan Mark is a world-leading eco-label with a high level of knowledge and credibility.

Implementing a Swan Ecolabel means that we get support and help to structure our environmental work. Lifecycle based and tough requirements give us the opportunity to become an environmental leader in our field. By ensuring that the Swan's requirements are often ahead of legislation, we reduce the risk of sudden legislative changes. The swan simply serves as a tool for our company's environmental strategy.

With the strong environmental work and commitment that a Swan Ecolabel entails, we also contribute to achieving the UN's global sustainability goals that ensure sustainable development.
In addition, we know that the Swan label often helps to increase pride among employees. It is also a great way to attract new employees.


A hidden problem in food handling that has major consequences for the environment is that we throw away whole foods. If we were to eat everything on the plates, take care of our leftovers, and not buy more food than we can dispose of before it gets bad, a lot of unnecessary waste would be eliminated. Today, a large amount of food is produced directly for the garbage can. We have signs on all buffets urging you to think about the environment.

Sustainable Hospitality Industry

Siggesta Gård is part of Visit Värmdös initiative for a sustainable tourism industry.

The sustainability stamp is a guarantee for you as a customer that we cooperate with other local producers and companies and participate in Visit Värmdös sustainability project Step by Step.

We want to increase knowledge about sustainability and promote a vibrant countryside and archipelago by promoting the production of local services and products.

We are an important part of Visit Värmdös Sustainability Policy.