We are looking for great colleagues

Our employees are by far the most important thing we have at Siggesta, and today we are a strong team that has fun at work every day. Some have worked here for 16 years, others speak only English, a third is tennis savvy and the fourth has flowers as their main interest. What unites us is that we want to work with people and meetings. You could also say that we love our work lifestyle a little too much for our own good.

siggesta is a unique destination

Siggesta is so much more than just a hotel, a conference facility and a restaurant. It is a unique destination where our guests will be able to feel at home. We who work here are committed to the farm, our colleagues and our visions of the future. We are looking for colleagues who want to be part of Siggesta but also have excellent expertise in their field of work. During the high season, you use your expertise, but in some parts of the year you have to be helpful with other tasks. If the currants need to be harvested, we will help!

Sustainability in focus

Siggesta Gård is a workplace with a focus on sustainability. We also think about sustainability when it comes to our organization. Here you should enjoy your duties, colleagues and surroundings. Do you have a sense of service, enjoy making people feel welcome and are interested in the hospitality industry? Get in touch with us!