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Crayfish on the table, joy in the air!


A crayfish party with fresh, flavorful crayfish and high-quality snacks will make your celebration a highlight.

Conference with Crayfish Party

Kick off the autumn with a memorable crayfish party, preferably in our lush Orangery. The atmosphere is unique and contributes to a delightful sense of community where the crayfish are served on the table and the mood is upbeat. Give the autumn a flying start with a conference brimming with energy and a festive atmosphere!

The Orangery

The Orangery is a perfect venue for a relaxed party with mingling, crayfish, and delights. Extend the season with an autumn party that still holds onto the feeling of summer. Light flows into the venue from both windows and the ceiling, providing a pleasant illumination and energy. If it gets a bit dim, there's the option to light a fire for extra coziness.

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Carola, Gun and Lena warmly welcome you to Siggesta Gård.

We will ensure that your conference is conducted in the best possible way, with our goal being to make all our guests feel at home!