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Take the opportunity to explore the Stockholm archipelago with a delightful sailing adventure. Together with Sailing Events, Siggesta Gård offers a 4-hour sailing excursion with space for up to 12 people. Lunch is included in the tour.

Experience the Stockholm archipelago

Taking a sailing tour in the Stockholm archipelago is an experience that offers both peace and adventure. The archipelago consists of over 30,000 islands, islets, and skerries, making it one of the world's most unique and beautiful sailing destinations. Each island has its own charm and history, and your guide can recommend the best route.

Nature Experience

Sailing in the Stockholm archipelago also means close contact with nature. Few things compare to waking up in a quiet bay, surrounded by the silence and beauty of the Swedish nature. Here, there are also plenty of opportunities to see wildlife, such as seals, sea eagles, and a variety of fish.


On the boat, a well-cooked archipelago stew is served for lunch. With accompaniments like Aioli, parmesan, and croutons, the meal is appreciated by many.

The Sailboat Grand Soleil 50

Sailing Events, with its own Grand Soleil 50 boats, has set the standard for charter boats far higher than average. These well-sailing Italian beauties will take you out into the Stockholm archipelago.Sailing EventsOur partner when it comes to sailing is Sailing Events. "With broad knowledge and great passion, we have organized more than 700 successful sailing events during our nearly 20 years in the industry. Our range of boats and partners in the archipelago has continually grown. But our goal and business idea remain as simple and obvious as when we first started: "To organize and conduct sailing-based activities in the Stockholm archipelago. With clear added value for our guests and wonderful memories and experiences as a result.

"Siggesta's Boat Dock

The boat dock is located about a 20-minute walk from Siggesta Gård.

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