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For secluded meetings, all under one roof.


We offer unique conference opportunities, such as “Meeting in your own house”. Our Village Houses with both meeting and hotel rooms under the same roof give the conference exclusive privacy.

The benefits of booking a meeting in your own home

  • Increased Cohesion: The group is kept close together, and the distances between meeting rooms and hotel rooms are minimal, fostering strong cohesion.
  • Undisturbed Conference: Confer in peace and quiet, away from distractions, in our well-equipped meeting rooms.
  • All in one place: With meeting rooms, hotel rooms and amenities within the same Village House, you save time and get a more efficient conference experience.
  • Opportunity to continue discussions: Use the meeting rooms even after the conference to continue discussions or plan upcoming projects

Private Townhouse, alternative

  • Townhouse 2: 9 hotel rooms, meeting room for up to 16 persons, surface: 28 m2.
    Booked for min. 9 people.
  • Townhouse 6: 10 hotel rooms, meeting room for up to 18 persons, surface: 33 m2.
    Booked for min. 10 people.
  • Townhouse 8: 13 hotel rooms, meeting room for up to 14 people, surface: 25 m2.
    Booked for min. 13 people.

Coffee in the conference hall

Our conference packages include pre-and afternoon coffee in our cosy Lounge at the reception. If you wish to receive coffee for your conference room, we will arrange it for an additional fee.

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Carola, Gun and Lena warmly welcome you to Siggesta Gård.

We will ensure that your conference is conducted in the best possible way, with our goal being to make all our guests feel at home!